Against Time (2001)


About to finish high school, budding inventor Z.T. dreams of escaping both his sleepy town and his gloomy, widowed Dad, COLE. But his ambitions get a stunning reality check with the arrival of ZACK, a raving, 68 year-old drunk claiming to be the boy s older self. Suspiciously unable to recall the exact details, Zack is desperate to avert a single mistake he claims sent the rest of his years into a tragic spiral. As the two forge a shaky alliance to piece together the old man s fragile memory, Z.T. deals with pressure from his well-meaning Coach (John Amos) and courts a new love, DELENA (Emilie Jacobs). After a devastating confession from Z.T. s father, Zack s visit takes on new gravity, as one man, split in two by fifty lost years, realizes that both his future and past now hang perilously, in a race AGAINST TIME.


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